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After a few days of fun, here are our top 10 activities in Xi'an, China, and Jinjiang and Quanzhou attractions, including some that are definitely worth seeing.

Located east of the Qingyuan Mountains, it is the home of the Nanpai (also known as South Shaolin Martial Arts), which is to spread over Taiwan, China's most famous martial arts center and birthplace of the Chinese Qing Dynasty (Qing Dynasty). This picturesque area is famous for its scenic views and beautiful scenery, as well as for the picturesque views of Xi'an. Casual Dinnerware offers a colorful and sometimes playful palette compared to formal porcelain, while preserving the durability and quality that noble porcelain has to offer. The earliest china cabinets were wooden china cabinets, ranging from Chippendale to Chippyendale, but they are all still in use today.

Roy Kirkham Fine Bone China was founded in 2000 and is deeply involved in a rich heritage of English ceramics. Bone china is a type of porcelain made of bone, ash, feldspathic material and kaolin. It is printed with high-quality transfer ink and high-detail quality.

The villa and a beautiful dwarf tree are complemented by other features that are intended to create a miniature landscape of Suzhou, China.

I thought my trip to Shaanxi Province in northwest China was only for museums and historical sites, but it was actually full of adventure, adrenaline and fun. When I was planning this trip outside of Beijing, I did not expect that there are so many parks that can be included in the guide.

The number of people living abroad is in the hundreds, as opposed to the tens of thousands living in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. Yuanjia Village is more of a tourist destination, with a large number of foreign visitors and tourists from all over the world. The beauty of this is that most of the people who visit the village are Chinese, but there seems to be little or no international tourism. But the vast majority of these foreign arrivals have ties to the region.

To bring this growing awareness to Radisson Hotels in America, Kidd said they will seek guidance and insight from their Chinese owners. Creating brand awareness in China, which they intend to achieve by developing their seven brands in that country, will also be crucial to tapping into the lucrative Chinese travel market. Chinese tourists from overseas are growing faster than foreign tourists from other countries such as the United States and Canada.

Now that you know about the must-see attractions in Xi'an, it's time to talk about how to plan your trip to Xi. "If you don't know what to expect in China, do your research before you head to the city. If you love the city and want to taste different food, Chinese and the language, if you have planned your itinerary and don't know everything China expects, then you should do some good research. Don't forget to put these 10 amazing things you can do in Xi's City, China on your agenda and include them in your travel plans.

Before you even think about buying a flight to China, you need to check the visa requirements. Chinese partner already, and you will probably need a visa to arrange a date for the marriage in advance. If you are in a hurry to go abroad or if you need to do so with your Chinese partners, you will need a visa.

Visit the forested and hilly hinterland of Quanzhou and visit the tomb of the fifth century Chinese philosopher Laozi, also known as Lao Tzu. Once there, you can take the train to Qingcheng and then take the train back to Beijing. From there you will see an army of tuk-tuks that will take you to one of China's most popular tourist attractions, the Jinjiang River. You can also hike in the city centre or stop by Baihuatan Park, and when you get there, you can rest with the locals and perhaps even have your ears cleaned while drinking tea.

The taxi costs an average of 3,000 yuan ($4,500) per hour, and taxis can cost up to 1,200 yuan per day or up to 2,600 yuan.

The tower on the site of the Kaiyuan Temple is still the tallest twin tower in China. The Great Wall of the Tiger was built in 1469 and is often considered one of the greatest examples of the Great Wall built during the Ming Dynasty. For more Taoist experience, head to the Great Temple of Taoism in Qinghai, China's second largest city, for a more traditional experience.

This proved to be one of our favorite things to do on our last minute trip to Qinghai and it is a great place to be on your last minute trips.

There are 10 amazing things to do that you need to add to your itinerary if you are planning to travel to China. Put yourself in a moment of your time in Xi'an, China, and you will never wonder what you did. Xi'an guide will certainly take you to Xi's China, so plan along!

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More About Jinjiang