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After a short tour of Fujian Province, I came across one of the country's indispensable sights, Jinjiang City. After a short walk through the narrow streets and alleys of this ancient city, there was simply an overwhelming feeling of peace and quiet.

One of the landmarks of Quan Zhou is the Lao Zi statue, one of the most famous statues in China, and its location is quite remote. It is said that the Chinese Manicheans built it during the Song Dynasty, but it is so beautiful that I did not photograph it.

You can also nibble at the food stalls selling Fujian-style snacks like seafood, but as any old hand with a heavy fork knows, it's like coming to Hong Kong from Southern California. Chinese name of the dish, which means "better than crab" (which means it mimics a crab dish), the fries are my favorite, and it's strange because most restaurants in Shanghai where I've been have served this dish.

Almost everyone here seems to order it, a rather thick, handmade noodle, which is sprinkled with chicken and beef. You can also make a fine dish with the dumplings and pasta.

Shanghai - Dim sum dishes are somewhat similar to Cantonese, but are actually more known for authentic dishes from Shanghai. They use seafood, and there's the fried eel with yellow chives we had on the Shanghai River. I would prefer the Salty Ham and Vegetable Soup I ordered last time at the Ghai River.

The Szechuan experience may be a little intense, but Jing Jiang's dumplings and noodles verged on perfection. Compared to Cantonese cuisine in Shanghai, the cuisine is somewhat similar, except that wine, dark soy sauce and sugar are used more heavily, relying on the use of fresh herbs and spices instead of the traditional Chinese spices and herbs, and using very few strong spices. I liked the size and taste of the dumplings, but unfortunately after a few of them the skin broke off.

The taste of the chicken broth was very subtle, which was expected, but the feast was quite delicate and the steam quite firm. You can find the wonderful smoked fish rice, or you can also find fried chicken, pork, beef, lamb, chicken and pork ribs in Jing Jiang.

Ordering a mix of dim sum and main courses here definitely makes for a good lunch for a large group of 10. It's always fun to have a family - Chinese feast in the style of a feast you sit at a big table with a group of people, and it's always fun to have it with Jing Jiang.

We recently took a short trip to Quan Zhou and the highlight was really the food, but Jinjiang is in its special geographical location. Quan Qi Zhou is actually part of Fujian Province, so their cuisine is a mix of local - cooked Chinese dishes as well as many traditional dishes from the mainland.

The coastal cities of Jinjiang in Fujian have a large number of tourism resources, and many people choose to travel here every year. It is a pity that most visitors only go to Jin Jiang in Jinzhou Province for a fancy sports shoe.

In Singapore you could count the number of oysters on one hand, but in Jing Jiang you just have to specify and order. In fact, there is no good way to order in Jingiang except to look around at what the other guests eat.

If you're looking for a larger dish, they offer a 10-course menu that would cost $30 per person, but I think it's absolutely worth it. There is a Dim Sum outlet that serves what I firmly believe is Dim Sum in the evening and is only served for breakfast and lunch. I wish there had been more people so I could have tried more, and I would have liked a restaurant in Shanghai. Hopefully I will have the chance to come back here in a few years and return to the Shanghai River to return to Jingiang.

Quan Zhou is one of the most popular restaurants in Jingiang and a great place to bring your parents or even grandparents for a holiday. It is easy to get there, Quan Zhou would be a good place for you to travel or bring, or it is great as a family destination. They charge CNY 40 - 60 for the 40 minutes it takes to get there and a taxi, but they charge you $40 - $60 for CYNY.

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