Jinjiang, China


Jinjiang is located in the Fujian Province of China which is situated about 33 meters above sea level. Jinjiang has a population of about 89,623 which makes it the 10th biggest city in Fujian.

Major Attractions:

  • Anping Bridge- Admire the beauty of nature with Bridges, sights and landmarks in Anhai Town.
  • Weitou Bay- Beautiful bodies of water, nature and parks in Jinjiang.
  • Quanzhou Longshan Temple- One of the most sacred and religious places in Jinjian is located in Anhai Town with sights and landmarks.


  • Marco Polo – One of a 4 star hotel in Jinjiang which is located in Sunshine East Road with services like Pool, Spa, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge etc.
  • Grand Honor Hotel- Located in Meiling Shiji Avenue, this is a 5 star hotel with the best facilities from Shuttle Bus Service, Children Activities, and Fitness Room with Gym, Minibar, Suites and more.
  • Winner International Hotel- Located in Qingyang Town, this is a 4 star hotel providing the best facilities in town.


  • Yuan Pin Coffee- A café to take timeout with friends in YangGuang Business Hotel.
  • MaYi TingYuan Coffee SiFang Cai- The best place to enjoy Chinese and Fujian Food.
  • HuangHe Lou- Taste the best Chinese dishes in Jinjiang, China.


  • Dongbei- A Manchurian food.
  • Disanxian- A simple yet tasty food in which eggplants, potatoes and peppers are stir fried in sweet soya sauce.
  • Niurouxian- This is a thin crispy fried pancake which is stuffed with ground beef.

Travel Info:

The best time to travel to Jinjiang is in July & August and then in June.